Phone: (928) 855-8423

GRI Class Monitor Class: 9:00am

GRI Class Monitors

Only GRI graduates who have gone through the GRI Monitor Training can monitor GRI classes. The GRI monitor training is open ONLY to GRI graduates who would like to become GRI monitors. Once trained, they can monitor ANY AAR class (live and live streamed).

AAR Class Monitor Class: 10:30

AAR Class Monitors (c/e, REBAC, CRMS, CRPM, etc.):
All other classes can be monitored by ANY member or staff person. NO TRAINING IS REQUIRED. They can monitor any AAR class EXCEPT GRI classes. We do offer an AAR monitor training (open to anyone) so that members know what is expected of them, but it is not required for them to serve as a monitor.

To sum it up, the only classes that have a specific list of people who can monitor, are GRI classes. ?