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SentriLock Firmware Update 50.44

If you own the newer grayish Bluetooth lockboxes please read the following:

The latest firmware for the Bluetooth lockboxes is 50.44 and you will want to have the lockboxes updated to that firmware version. We recently noticed that some (not all) will start to act as if they are dead but really the issue on the lockboxes is that it is stuck, and is all due to firmware not being up to date; not battery related issues. This isn’t an issue that everyone has experienced with the lockboxes, but, you should start to update the firmware on your lockboxes, especially before putting them on a house.

Below is a flyer about the firmware update. Please call us @ 928.855.8423 with any questions OR SentriLock Member Support @ 513.618.5800

Flyer for print: Sentrilock Firmware Update Flyer

SentriLock Website:



posted 03/30/2017

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