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SentriSmart 2.5.0 Update Release

SentriLock is excited to announce that after March 2nd, you will now be able to release the shackle on Non-Bluetooth® lockboxes via SentriSmart™. The flyers contain more information on our March 2nd release as well as a step by step guide on how to release the shackle on Non-Bluetooth® lockboxes via SentriSmart™. 

The SentriSmart 2.5.0 release is not a forced update but users that have turned on automatic updates should automatically update to the new release when available. When updating apps, based on the user’s preferences, the user may need their Apple ID and password to install the update. Also, some users may need their SentriLock log in credentials to log back into SentriSmart after downloading the update.


Click HERE for more information on the SentriSmart app for Android or iOS devices!



Tutorials and videos for SentriLock can be found on their YouTube channel!


Flyer for print: Non-Bluetooth Shackle Release Guide

Sentrismart Shackle Release


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